Full Production

We can guide you through the entire process: pre-production, tracking, mixing, mastering. We will be there from start to finish. 

Mixing and Mastering

We can take your raw, unmixed tracks from any other recording studio, and give them a professional, polished sound. Additionally, we can produce a completed, mastered track that translates well onto a variety of sound systems and listening devices.

drums .jpg


With your guitar or bass tracks, we can provide reamping services to transform them into heavier tones to better fit your desired sound. 

Studio Rental

Are you an independent musician in need of a regular practice space? A band without a home base? North Tower Studio is available to rent in one, two, or four hour blocks at a reasonable rate. Spaces are limited, so contact us for a quote today.



Studio owner/producer and gear guru Chris Herr is available to musicians as a one-on-one consultant. Have questions about which gear would sound best for your style? Need guidance regarding your next project or equipment purchase? Want to take your band's sound or previous recordings to the next level but aren't sure where to start? Contact us today and see what consulting services are right for you. 


Do you need a place to stay overnight while you complete your project? We offer space for bands or individuals to remain on-site, complete with a lounge area, pool table, coffee maker, mini-fridge, and beautiful outdoor scenery to spark your creativity.